2D CAD Drafting

Professional Design

Throughout the Architectural, Structural and Development professions 2D CAD drawings are considered the standard, advancing from hand-drawn sketches. 2D CAD services are specifically designed to assist your project in reducing costs, optimising time and increasing profitability.

Digitally Optimise

By drafting your architectural plans to 2D CAD, your team can consider design options, make amendments, optimise and update plans during design development, reducing rework. Your digital designs are easily archived, retrieved and reused.

Design & Develop

2D CAD produces consistent, accurate drawings created to suit the detail of your project. Develop site plans, refine structural concepts and build architectural detail. Easy to follow, clear designs that effortlessly incorporate significant detail.

Share & Deliver

Confidently share your 2D CAD drawings with contractors, colleagues and clients; enhancing collaboration to achieve your optimal design. Open, comment on and share with your tablet or smartphone using the free AutoCAD360 App or print your finalised 2D drawings.

CADbot 2D Services

Conversion from Sketches, Scans, PDFs & Photos

Updates & Re-purposing of Drawings

Architectural Plans, Sections, Elevations, MEP, RCP & HVAC

Floorplans, Layouts, GIS and Surveys