Charming house

      The idea of decorating the exterior of a country house is reflected in this project. The presented house has a clear geometric shape. Brick cladding of the facade, some elements of the facade are different brick combinations. These inserts visually decorate and highlight the laconic design. The gable roof complements the finish harmoniously.

       A wooden shed is attached to the house. It decorates the area near the main entrance and protects from weather conditions. Also on the site, you can see a guest house, a recreation area.

      The recreation area has a small swimming pool, soft furniture and a fireplace. Such attraction will leave no one indifferent and will allow cooking barbecue easily.

     In landscape, design there is a gazebo, which will allow you to enjoy nature rest.  A neat green lawn, landscaping path, small green spaces, represents landscaping. Skillful placement of these details visually enhances the exterior space.

     The final change to the decor is the backlighting. Good lighting favorably emphasizes the necessary elements and gives depth to the composition.


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