Gentle child bedroom

      Idea of decoration and inspiration for a beautiful bedroom for girls. You can see delicate shades of turquoise and white. The room looks spacious and light, creating a sense of lightness. The walls are in a neutral tone, the floor is wood-textured parquet. A pastel carpet adds comfort and harmony.
       From furniture, a bed with a wide back, turquoise color attracts attention and decorates the interior. White bedside tables with golden legs complete the composition. The wall is originally highlighted with niches. It depicts palm trees drowning in a haze, as if enveloping the room with weightlessness. The furniture is represented by a wardrobe, a children's table with chairs, a soft armchair of a funny shape.
      The room itself is decorated with ornaments in the form of birds, stars, stuffed toys. Also, textile curtains organically fit into the interior. The room illuminated both with daylight and artificially, with small lamps on the ceiling.


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