Small studio

An example of design and inspiration for a small studio. It was made in the color of chocolate blues, a combination of blue and brown. The harmony of colors pleasing to the eyes makes the interior noble and serene.

      The studio is conventionally divided into a recreation area and a kitchen. The recreation area is highlighted by a sofa, a dark color. The coffee table of the folding type is multifunctional. The glass surface gives it an airy look.

      Bookshelves are compactly located on the wall and do not take up much space for a pleasant pastime. The floor   throughout the room is finished in wood, in contrast to it; you can see decorative elements and furniture in a beautiful blue color.

Using built-in appliances in the kitchen saves space and creates a neat look.

      The kitchen is perfectly lit by daylight and artificial light. Lamps on the ceiling illuminate the recreation area. The kitchen countertops and wall are finished in marble. Light gray walls complement the warm color of the floor.

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