Spacious white studio

         The design project of the studio is in white. The white version of the interior decoration allows to visually expanding the space. The dark wooden floor counterbalances the light space and favorably shades.
         The layout of the room is conventionally divided into functional zones. The kitchen area is presented in a combination of white and black. It looks stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Monophonic facades, made to match the walls. The color of the kitchen working wall is a deep dark color, which looks especially impressive with backlighting. The bar counter makes a conditional division between the kitchen and the living room. The main focus of the center of the composition is a round table with metal legs. Fits organically into a restrained but elegant interior. Further, in the recreation area there is an indispensable attribute - a sofa. The green sofa complements the cool white tone and adds serenity to the setting. The fragile glass coffee table enhances the lightness atmosphere.
           The installation of an electric fireplace is an interesting design solution. It will create an atmosphere of comfort and warm atmosphere. A niche with shelves made of drywall, serves as a decor and has a functional character. An accent wall with a photo dilutes the monochrome finish. Plants and textiles make the room cozy.
            A textured white brick wall highlights the entrance hall. The necessary furniture consists of a hanger, shelves and mirrors. Lighting of the space is represented by built-in lamps, there is also lighting of functional areas.


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