Traditional living room

       In this project, the traditional design of the living room is presented. The interior is in warm beige tones, conveys an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Laminate flooring in dark wood color, creates a beautiful basis for decor.

      Of the necessary furnishings, the sofa and the armchair have rounded edges and smooth lines in shape. Muted pastel colors prevail. In the center of the room is a wooden coffee table. An interesting decorative element is the stucco fireplace, which emphasizes the traditional style of the interior. Store windows are symmetrically located at the edges of the room. As decorative elements, they demonstrate dishes, small interesting objects. The beautiful draping of the curtain overlaps with the upholstery of the sofa. This is how the textile composition is created.  Large gilt mirrors decorate the interior and visually expand the space.

            The chandelier creates a soft and muffled light.


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