What Is 3D Rendering and How Can You Use It To Your Advantage?

So you may or may not know what 3D rendering is. If you do, you might be doing it in-house, our outsourcing it locally. But you could be outsourcing it overseas and save more money. Basically, 3D modeling and 3D rendering are used to show your product ideas to prospects. Let’s say you have a client who wants new cabinetry for the kitchen, you can draw it all up on a computer and provide the client with a very realistic image of how their kitchen could look like. This affects the purchasing process and the customer is more likely to purchase something when they can visualize it.


It’s not just a 3D drawing of the kitchen. It has elements that give it life such as plants, or fruit bowls, etc.


These images can also be used in your marketing messages – on your website, social media channels, etc. You can have a real photo of the finished kitchen next to the 3D project, and blow the minds of your potential customers because you delivered what you previously promised.


How Does the Creation Process Look Like?

Everything the 3D drawing team does is based on the actual size. This means that you, as a client need to provide their team with accurate measures of the space – floor plan, ceiling height, and things like that. His company has a great website that also serves as CRM, so you can log in there, add your files and track the progress of visualisation team. After you initially reach out to the team, you will be assigned an appropriate project manager. If you need someone to do a 3D presentation of a kitchen, you’ll get a project manager who is an expert in kitchen design. If’s it’s a commercial building, you’ll get someone who knows how to do that.


Your project manager will be able to advise you on the time frame, the cost, etc. and they’ll be your point of contact for any changes, additions, and so on. And if you have worked with them at least once, they’ll have your files in the system. So in case the project manager you originally worked with is not available you’ll get another one, who already knows how the style of your 3D drawing should look like. Therefore, they’ll be able to deliver the appropriate results.


Once the team has prepared your image, you can change the textures, the materials, and colors, whatever you like. Some of those things might take a couple of minutes, or a few hours, it really depends on the scale of changes – but you can completely update the original image and edit it until you get exactly what you or the customer imagined.


The best part – you don’t need a supercomputer to see these images, animations or videos, any computer will do. You can even look at them on your phone! And they’re not large in size, so they can be sent in an email in just a few megabytes.

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  • Showing your customers how their kitchen will look when it’s done will help you land more sales

  • It is time that you start using the technology to grow your business

  • This is an easy hack to save you time, money and close more deals